The 2017 Garretson Memorial Wood Bat Tournament will have 2 separate divisions (red/blue). Each division will have 5 teams.

• All teams will play each team in their division once totaling 4 games.

• At the conclusion of pool play on Saturday June 17th, we will take the top 2 teams from each division based on overall record,  fewest runs allowed, and run differential (if needed).

• The 1st place team from the Red division will play the 2nd place team from the Blue division. The 1st place team from the Blue division will play the 2nd place team from the Red division (semi-finals). The winners in each of these games will play for the championship on Sunday at 3pm.

• If the host team is Red #1 they will play at 12pm on Sunday and the other semi-final game will be played at 9am.

• The other 6 teams will play their 5th game on Sunday as follows…Red #3 vs. Blue #3, Red #4 vs. Blue #4, and Red #5 vs. Blue #5.

• Consideration will be given to those who have to travel the furthest on Sunday. The game times on Sunday are subject to change in order to accommodate at the Tournament Director’s discretion.


• All games will be 7 (seven) innings and have an 8 (eight) run rule.

• Only wood bats will be used.  No composite bats will be allowed.  Laminated bats ok.

• No new inning is to start after 2 hours & 15 minutes.  An official at each game site will notify each team as to the official start time of each game.  There will be no time limit on championship Sunday.

• If at the end of seven innings the score is tied, the game may continue for a maximum of 30 minutes after the 2 hour & 15 minute time limit.  If at the end of 2 hours and 45 minutes, the game is still tied, the game will be considered a tie game.

• If all teams have not completed their 5 games, the record for all teams will be based on the best win loss percentage for the games they have played.

• Home team for each scheduled game will be determined by a coin flip prior to the game. The team that wins the coin toss gets to pick between home/away. The Yakima Beetles will always be the home team and occupy the 3rd base dugout.

• Any player or coach ejected must be out of the stadium and out of sight for the remainder of the game they were ejected from.

• No jewelry other than necklaces is to be worn by any player.  The umpire may order the removal of any necklace if in the umpire’s opinion it is a distraction.

• Once a starting or substitute player is removed from the game they will not be allowed to re-enter.

• The DH may only bat for the starting pitcher and that player’s subsequent substitute. DH must be declared at the plate conference or may not be used during the game.

• Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher and/or catcher.

• All coaches must be in proper uniform while on field.

• All other Washington State and National American Legion Baseball rules will apply. The tournament director’s decision will be final


A.    Head to head competition, the team that won that game will be the winner.

B.    If those teams did not play or their game ended in a tie, then the team with the fewest runs allowed in their respective pool will be the winner (crossover games not included in run total).

C.    If two teams both allowed the same number of runs during pool play then the team with the best difference between runs scored and runs scored against will be the winner.  IE:  Team “A” scored 30 run for and had 25 scored against, the difference would be 5.  Team “B” scored 35 runs for and had 25 runs scored against, the difference would be 10.  Team “B” would be the winner because his 10 was better than the 5 for team “A”.

D.    If 3 or more teams are tied, then teams will go by fewest runs allowed.

E.     If teams are still tied a coin flip will decide the outcome